The Blog So Far…

   I decided to set up this short post to give you readers out there a sense of the storyline of  “The Destiny Saga” that I have leaked out in small bites so far (I can’t give it all away; I’d like to make a living…someday).

 With that in mind, here are some of my blog posts in a somewhat logical order:

What is The Destiny Saga?

 Chaos: The Main “Villain”

Linkera: The First Linian

The Defining Definition of What A Linian Is

The Primary Realm vs. The Secondary Realms

The Mystics

The Destiny Saga’s Reason for Naming the Planets

The Giradians

The Fegarians

The Modern Day Linians: Last Line

The Modern Day Linians: Shield of Destiny

The Modern Day Linians: The Illusion Guard


     Here are some of the themes of “The Destiny Saga”:

Romance in The Destiny Saga

The Sadistic Harlequins and the “Devotion” Theme

Our “Heroes” and the “Father” Theme


And, finally, I’ll leave you guys with a few of the influences that inspired me in the past and the present to write this tale of  epic craziness:

 The Star Wars Influence

The “Lost” Influence

The “The Go! Team” Influence

The “M.I.A.” Influence

The “Public Enemy” Influence

The “Megadeth” Influence

The “Alanis Morissette” Influence

      And, once again, I thank you all out there for the support so far!

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