The Primary Realm vs. The Secondary Realms

   In the Destiny Saga, the Solar System was not the first realm ever created. There were many other places that God created before (he/she/it?) decided on making Earth that place where he made the people who populated it look like how (he/she/it?) looked. This is to be considered the Primary Realm (or to those more spiritual, The Holy Realm).

   The other realms, which existed in their own separate systems, were half finished by Earth standards and were abandoned by God to fend for themselves. They were called The Secondary Realms because each of the populated planets consisted of beings that looked far from humans. They called themselves Secondary Beings and desired and envied humans for the attention the Creator gave them.

    Most of the Secondary Beings became Linians in order to get closer to becoming holy (or possibly human), while others would eventually side with Chaos and rebel against the father (mother?) who abandoned them.

    The realms were: Giradia, Fegra, Secrit Tresh, Harmor Ari, Netra-Six (a.k.a. Negasis), Karussh,and The Retrolands.

   There were also the two undiscovered realms, but that’s a post for another time.

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