Repetition Rat Tat Tat


He has the same dream every night. He’s a prince about to embark on the greatest adventure of his lifetime: kingship.

The dreamer can can smell the salt of his nervous sweat. The desire to live up to his family name. To not make the same mistakes that they did and improve upon their flaws.

But he finds himself falling into a black hole in the middle of the silver hallway of his lineage’s fortress.. and then he wakes up.

He can’t breathe for the first 30 seconds of his waking life. He looks around his room full of posters betraying the fact that he is but a fifteen year old boy. He tries to pretend that he’s not scared of this inability to breathe every time he has that dream… but he’s a terrible liar to himself.

He looks at the door left slightly ajar to the hallway outside his room where he knows his adopted parents are out there sleeping soundly as they always do.

He is always jealous about this.

The frustration of not being able to control how his mind works is the thing he hates the most about himself. He desires nothing more than self mastery but his humanity keeps getting in the way.

He’s read all types of books about the meaning of dreams, but he KNOWS that nobody can really tell him about himself but him.

It’s a frustrating thing to have a mind that keeps spinning in place… but he has to keep trying.

Failure is most likely the ultimate outcome… but what other choice does he have.

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