The “Lost” Influence

    Some of you will probably care less about this post, I get that, but I had to breakdown why this show is one of my influences (even though my story was created almost 15 years ago). With that said, here we go…

   It’s always interesting, as an artist, to see a movie, song, book or show be as in tune with the same themes that you’re interested in. Lost was one of those shows that hit pretty much all of my creative interests.

   Fantastical situations tempered by human stories… check!

   Getting rewarded for paying attention to story details…check!

   Not afraid to make fun of itself while still being proud of the story its telling…check!

   The most interesting thing about the show was that the ultimate theme was the worship of community. With all the things that the characters on the characters on the show couldn’t and wouldn’t understand, it was the time they spent together that was most important. Lost didn’t present that as them being a happy community all the time. They made the characters endure hardships, death and disillusionment.

   Kinda like what we all go through.

   But it was that initial connection with each other that got them through their difficulties.

    The main “villain” of the Destiny Saga, Chaos, believes that an insane and structureless society is the only one that makes sense. All of the standards and rules that society gives us, in his philosophy, only holds mankind back from being truly free. The “heroes” of Destiny believe that order is necessary for a strong community and they fight against Chaos for that belief.

   But which side is right…and which one will win? Lost explored the theme of community in one way, and I have my own way of expressing that theme. I hope that, if you ever get the chance to read it, that it resonates with you…

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