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Misfire Higher

Looking at the future standing before me I see a gigantic asterisk. I know the path I choose to walk on, but the scenery surrounding me as I stride grows more apathetic with every step. My world view doesn’t allow for entropy to be the end result of life…but others may believe that is the […]

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Generate Shunned

Nobody wants to be the old man on the lawn yelling at the kids. Everyone wants to say the the generation coming up is the WORST ONE EVER. This is nothing new and we expect the same dialogue to continue throughout the years. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I feel something is getting […]

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The Terrible Problem of Rape and the Destructive Male Gaze

I just wanted the share a series of tweets a friend of mine, Jesal Padania, shared with us today. I have my perspective about this situation (there’s not a lot of things that make me angrier than the destructive disrespect of women), but I’ll leave it at his tweets for now. – Rochard Scott I’ve […]

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