Generate Shunned

Nobody wants to be the old man on the lawn yelling at the kids. Everyone wants to say the the generation coming up is the WORST ONE EVER. This is nothing new and we expect the same dialogue to continue throughout the years. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I feel something is getting lost in the translation of what we are teaching this younger generation.

I knew at a young age that the world wasn’t quite what the adults were telling me. Truth. Justice. Organization. Love. Those were the concepts that they put into me ( or possibly you, depending on your childhood experiences) to give direction in my life. But life experiences told me that “doing the right thing” came at a price…or is sometimes not rewarded or even respected. But even with all ot that reality in my face, I made the choice to be a mostly positive figure.

But now it seems like the young bucks today see through all of that sooner and have become jaded at an even earlier age. It’s hard enough being an adult and slogging through the daily aggravation. We at least have perspective to balance the eventual disappointments. The young ones seem to to “peak” at the empty experiences of life that we realize as adults after our frivolous searching …but they don’t have appreciation for the small things that do matter.

They look for the next empty “high.”

I don’t know what I was planning to say with this blog post, but it was just something that was running through my head right now. Who has the answer to this problem? It’s probably “we.”


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