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Reflected Deflection 

He had no problem living in the shadow of his wife Tigra, better known as the Hero of Fegra. He was no slouch himself as a warrior, but his partner eclipsed him in skill and potential. None of that mattered because reflected very well upon him. So much that every time he looked in the […]

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The Hip Hopness, the Rock n Rollness, and the Orchestralness of “The Destiny Saga”

What’s up, people? I just wanted to use this post to give you guys an idea about how important music is the “The Destiny Saga.” If you had read my previous post about the characters called The Fates of Destiny, then you would understand that they are meant to be the marketing face of this […]

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So,The Other Night…

For some reason last night, I decided to go on a mild Facebook rant. I don’t know why I did it, but I guess I got frustrated. I thought it would be interesting to post it on this website for a reminder of how my emotions can get the best of me. Enjoy!   -Rochard […]

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