The Hip Hopness, the Rock n Rollness, and the Orchestralness of “The Destiny Saga”

“The Boy”, Me, and “The Lost Child.” The 3 Faces of The Destiny Saga.

What’s up, people? I just wanted to use this post to give you guys an idea about how important music is the “The Destiny Saga.” If you had read my previous post about the characters called The Fates of Destiny, then you would understand that they are meant to be the marketing face of this creative adventure.

There is another way that The Fates of Destiny make their presence known in the Destiny Saga universe: through the power of music. To be more specific, both characters have an equal love of hip hop, rock, and orchestral music. The goal for me is to have these three forms of music join together to make up the soundtrack for my universe. This is the reason why they have microphones.

They have the attitude of  a mixture between MC’s and rock and roll frontmen from time to time to reinforce the idea that, even though The Destiny Saga deals with serious and sophisticated issues, they (and I) also remember that there is a spirit and fun and recklessness involved as well.

The part of my nature, that most people don’t see, is the version of me that loves pure energy. My performances of “The Fates of Destiny” gives me the opportunity to let it all hang out as well as pushing my books out there into the public. This also forces me to stay in shape because I plan on pushing some really interesting ideas out there.

If you have any questions about what I’m trying to do, please feel free to leave any questions or comments on this post below. If you want to purchase my first novel, “The Two Princes,” you can click on the links to the right of this post.

Thank you, and have a blessed day!

-Rochard Scott

P.S. Here are the major musical influences that inspired me in my writing:

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