The Hope I Have for the “Fates of Destiny”

The 3 Faces of an Artist.

“I’ve been trying to figure out how to explain the idea of ‘The Fates of Destiny,’ two characters that resemble me that exist in my series of stories of ‘The Destiny Saga. It’s a simple idea of these twins that represent positive and negative energy that set up scenarios for my characters to be tested on.

The idea was for me to play these characters to not only market the book but to market myself. ‘The Boy represents my good qualities and the better parts of our humanity. ‘The Lost Child’ represents the darkness within myself and of our human race.

The plan is to make sure even the marketing of my book has some sort of artistic integrity to it and to be honest about who I am and what the world is. What is art but a reflection of who we are.

In 2013, my plans to grow as an artist have finally come into maturation. It may have taken me 35 years to understand what my voice as an artist is,but for as much fun as I have planned for you guys, I have to add cold reality as well.

I hope that you guys like what you see and support my movement. Either way, I thank you for even giving a minute of your time.

God Bless,

Rochard Scott

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