A Small Excerpt From the Upcoming “Tales of Destiny: Seraph”

Coming soon for the Kindle and Nook.


Seraph opened her eyes to look up at the clear blue sky. The music was getting louder as that mysteriously foul smell grew stronger… but now there was a sweetness that went along with the sourness. She did a double take because she thought she just saw two beings coming down from the sky. The sky. One woman looked like she was dressed in black; the other woman was dressed in white. Seraph closed her eyes again because this clearly had to be a dream. There was no way that there could be two women falling, floating, from the sky. But the increasingly loud music told her otherwise.

The two women were a long way off and Seraph had no idea what to do about all of this. Was she going insane? Was this imagery just a byproduct of her mother’s death? Or was this just a vivid dream?

The two floating women were almost at ground level as Seraph had the insane idea to run down Pan Hill to meet them at the open grass plain. But, instead of touching down on the ground… they went straight through it.

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