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A Small Excerpt From the Upcoming “Tales of Destiny: Seraph”

  Seraph opened her eyes to look up at the clear blue sky. The music was getting louder as that mysteriously foul smell grew stronger… but now there was a sweetness that went along with the sourness. She did a double take because she thought she just saw two beings coming down from the sky. […]

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Excerpt from the upcoming short story “Tales of Destiny: Seraph”

An excerpt from the upcoming short story “Tales of Destiny- Seraph”: But just as sleep was just about to take her away, she heard distant music. It was almost tribal in nature but with a sad melody complimenting the aggressive drums. The interesting thing was that the music did not come from Parta(her hometown). It […]

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The Beautiful Story of Gency Vainglory

  Once upon a time in the Secondary Realm of Secrit Tresh, there lived the noble Royal Family of Vainglory. They ruled the civilization of flying people known as the Treshians. The best way to describe this race would be to say that they looked like a genetic mix between a human being and, more distinctly, the various […]

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