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A Small Excerpt From the Upcoming “Tales of Destiny: Seraph”

  Seraph opened her eyes to look up at the clear blue sky. The music was getting louder as that mysteriously foul smell grew stronger… but now there was a sweetness that went along with the sourness. She did a double take because she thought she just saw two beings coming down from the sky. […]

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Excerpt from the upcoming short story “Tales of Destiny: Seraph”

An excerpt from the upcoming short story “Tales of Destiny- Seraph”: But just as sleep was just about to take her away, she heard distant music. It was almost tribal in nature but with a sad melody complimenting the aggressive drums. The interesting thing was that the music did not come from Parta(her hometown). It […]

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Citizen of Pangaea. Daughter to Mystic Calm. Sister to Mystic Carious. Wife to Linkera.

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