So,The Other Night…

For some reason last night, I decided to go on a mild Facebook rant. I don’t know why I did it, but I guess I got frustrated. I thought it would be interesting to post it on this website for a reminder of how my emotions can get the best of me. Enjoy!


-Rochard Scott

Is it just me or is everybody worn out and depressed right now?

It just seems like our way of life needs to change as a culture. Sometimes I get depressed over stuff that I shouldn’t be depressed about. My brain knows better but my spirit is moody and frustrated.

Everybody tries to give everyone else positive words but those words feel like bandages on deep gashes. Do we need to find more fulfilling goals than grinding our lives away?

How do WE get out of this collective funk? What needs to change?

We have unlimited opportunity opportunity in America, but it feels like there is a ceiling for the those who follow the rules most of the time. (nobody follows the rules all the time)

I try everyday to spread positivity with my words everyday, online and offline, but I know no matter how much I say things, I know words are not the answer.

My mother is tired. My grandmother is tired. My friends are tired. My co-workers and students are tired.

People who just want to provide for their family with a honest day of work. I don’t care about political ideologies, I just want us to evolve as a society. It doesn’t have to be this way…

I always believed that we can rebuild our culture in this order: person to family to neighborhood to city to state and so on and so forth.

How do we come together and start that movement? We have the digital tools to connect person to person on a unprecedented level, yet we waste this magnificent tool called technology.

We can’t rely on a leader to evolve or culture: we all need to be a leader.

I’m tired of being a follower;I’m tired of you being a follower.

Maybe me thinking out loud into digital space won’t do anything, be I know WE have the answer.

Who else is ready to lead together? Who else is tired of waiting for a savior, when we as human beings are the saviors?

I’m just tired of seeing our potential wasted. Maybe you can share these status to your friends on Facebook the same way I have. Or in your own words. Or Twitter. Or your job. Or your local government.

Aren’t you as tired as I am? Don’t you want to change your sphere of influence.

I had to vent tonight my friends. I’m just optimistic about our potential as the family we’re supposed to be.

Stay blessed…

I don’t care if I’m a cornball, but we all have to change this together. Forget your limited ideology; do what is best for all us. Good night.

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