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Light Concerto

Celestial citizens that power the multitudes. They equip others with the energy to endure. They traffic in meticulous sounds, weaponized instrumentation, & emotional rapture. Their bodies are but balls of light to our terrestrial eyes, But the sounds that they create are very close to home. Because a soul on Earth is no different than […]

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Secondary Realms

The Secondary Realms(created by, wait for it, The Creator) are systems that exist in spaces that are connected to the Primary Realm (the Solar System) through a complex network of portals collectively called “The Portanexus”. It is mostly the Secondary Beings (non-humans) who can can open and use these portals to traverse throughout the different realms. Until the end of the Utopia […]

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First Sketch of “The Baron Four”

 Earlier Artwork of The Baron Four:

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