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Destiny Dossier #4: Tigra Brosmate

  Tigra Bromate: Elite member, Lioness member, and soon to be Harlequin

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The Sadistic Harlequins and the “Devotion” Theme

I guess one of the major issues these days (at least in the personal sense) is whether or not the concept of monogamy is outdated. I think one of the most important parts of our society is this concept of Romantic Love. We all have our individual expectations of what we want in our significant […]

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Gency Vainglory and the Realm of Secrit Tresh

   This is just a slight history on the Realm of Secrit Tresh and its most infamous monarch, Gency Vainglory.    The Treshian people are the progenitors of language in the Secondary Realms. The language structure is a mixture of Latin and its derivatives. Unlike the other Secondary Realms who used advanced Netral technology to allow everyone to understand […]

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