Gency Vainglory and the Realm of Secrit Tresh

   This is just a slight history on the Realm of Secrit Tresh and its most infamous monarch, Gency Vainglory.

   The Treshian people are the progenitors of language in the Secondary Realms. The language structure is a mixture of Latin and its derivatives. Unlike the other Secondary Realms who used advanced Netral technology to allow everyone to understand each other without translation, the Treshians forced everyone who visted their realm to listen to the music of their language.

    If the Fegarians have varying degrees of feline features, depending on the individual, the same must be said for the Treshians and their bird-like features. Some are beaked. Some have wings on their backs. Some have wings instead of arms. But all of them can fly.

    They live in partially domed cities to keep out dangerous creatures called Trognicalt (or Razorbacks, as they are named by the Fegarians who treasure them as pets). The general envioronments of Secrit Tresh tend to be mountainous regions surrounded by endless plains.

   The Treshians have been ruled by one bloodline since the beginning orf their inception: The House of Vainglory. The Vainglory Rulership was one of fair law and respect (the rules and regulations that they enforced became known as Vainglory Model Law [VML], rules that the rest of the Realms would eventually follow).

    They were considered the best practitioners of the Linkatsa Religion in the Secondary Realms. That is, until Gency Vainglory came into power. Obsessed with human physique, Gency sold out his entire realm for the chance to look human.

    This is a story that will be told in Destiny: Book 2, Reality.

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