The Defining Definition of What A Linian Is

   I was talking to a friend  the other night and I asked him if he knew what a Linian was just by reading my blog. He told me that he wasn’t completely sure. That inspired me to write the definitive definition of what a Linian is.

    And now, without further ado:

   LINIAN(pronounced LIN-EE-IN) : A member (human and nonhuman) of a group created to keep the rest of the human race from being corrupted by Chaos’ insanity.

The selected human members keep all non human sightings on Earth under wraps, while non human members stay out of human affairs.

They all are a part of the Linkatsa Religion, a belief system that has two rules:1.Place love for your fellow sentient beings above everything. That rule includes non-humans as well;2.To maintain healthy social order without influencing personal and greater social histories whatsoever.

The two founders were Linkera(whose name inspired the group) and Mystic Calm, who took up the leadership role after Linkera disappeared sometime after the A.D. timeline.

    I hope that definition clears things enough without me spoiling the novel…

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