The Destiny Saga’s Reason for Naming the Planets

   In an earlier post, you may have read about the Secondary Realms, but this short post is to give you guys a quick explanation about where they are in relation to the Solar System and how the human Linians named the surrounding planets around Earth to correlate with them.

   The Linians, since the fall of Pangaea, had not only infiltrated every governing organization but they also hid some of their number in the scientific field. Ever since the opening of something called a Portanexus( to be explained in detail at a later date; but it is essentially a portal) that allowed Secondary Beings to travel to and from all the other realms (including Earth).

   Mystic Calm knew that they had to keep a watch on the potential activities of any renegade Secondaries who wanted to go against the rules and visit Earth in spite of God’s decree about any of them visiting (a rule that will be broken time and time again, go figure). So he had the Linians recognize the planets that were housing the gateways to the other realms. They were:



Mercury=Terra Casia

Saturn=Harmor Ari

Mars=Secrit Tresh


Pluto=The Retrolands

Neptune=Netra-Six (Negasis)

   The wise Mystic used the human race’s identification of these planets to help the Linians keep an eye on any weird happenings.

   Which eventually did happen.

    On Earth.



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