The Fegarians

   The Fegarians are a very militaristic and rules oriented people. they reside in the Secondary Realm of Fegra and the geography of that world resembles a post World War III Euro-flavored mixture combined with a healthy amount of Romantic Europe. Together with the fact that they are the second most technologically advanced civilization in the Destiny Saga (number one would be Netra-Six).

    Each Fegarian have varying degrees of feline features. they are all humanoid, but some can pass for human more than others. Some just have cat eyes, while some are full on panther faced. All of them have excellent physical skill and grace.

    In the timeline of my first 3 novels, they are led by Lord Cat Tiamano (pictured above) and his high command, The Baron Four. He takes his orders from an unseen Chaos, who is using the Fegarians to help him get his strength back so he can resume trying to drive humanity insane…

   Or destroy it.

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