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Baron Claw

  Baron Claw is a respected soldier and the head of the Fegarian Army. Taking over the role of Commander of the Fegarian Army from Baron Prowl, a man who was murdered by the latest ruler of Fegra, Lord Cat Tiamano. Baron Claw is best for his hunting prowess and his loyalty to Fegarian law. He is also […]

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The Baron Four Banner

Baron Claw, Baroness Tigra, Baron Panthra, and Baron Stealth

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The Loyal

I am a Fegarian, strong and proud. The Fegarian Army is one of one mind. We are the hand of the Lord of Fegra. No matter who is at the helm, we will follow. His word is the word of our collective reality. We will even follow him into the gates of Hell. For what […]

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