Baron Panthra Category

Reflected Deflection 

He had no problem living in the shadow of his wife Tigra, better known as the Hero of Fegra. He was no slouch himself as a warrior, but his partner eclipsed him in skill and potential. None of that mattered because reflected very well upon him. So much that every time he looked in the […]

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Baron Panthra Harlequin

Panthra Harlequin of the Secondary Realm of Fegra is one of The Baron Four, the commanders of The Fegarian Army. A man that is considered the most handsome man in all of the Secondary Realms, Panthra has a personality that is both humorous and egotistical. He is married to Baroness Tigra, who is both a fellow member of The Baron Four […]

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The Baron Four Banner

Baron Claw, Baroness Tigra, Baron Panthra, and Baron Stealth

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