The Modern Day Linians: Last Line

   The Destiny Saga storyline starts from the beginning of time and follows through to modern times. The Linians have been involved with keeping order on Earth by making sure that the occasional Secondary Beings who happen to arrive on Earth stay out of the public consciousness. Mystic Calm built up a massive infrastructure of Linians to maintain this lack of awareness. One of the five subsets that kept that watch were called Last Line.

   Last Line (or as the members are called, Last Liners) was embedded in every major governmental organization since the A.D. timeline was created. They never got involved in law making or abused the various organizations for power and greed. They just “borrowed” the cutting edge surveillance technology of each era to keep tabs on any Secondary “anomalies” and stop the invaders from reaching the public. They were masters of spinning the truth to make those who were witness to the “strangeness” seem like they were seeing things or under the “influence”, so to speak. They kept things under wraps for ages.

    In the novel, Destiny: Book I The Two Princes, we catch up with Last Line in the year 1995. We meet members Lt. Carlos “Rain” Morales, Lt. Melissa Davis and Lt. Dylan Kim as they find themselves influential players in the narrative endgame.

   What is their purpose?


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