The Modern Day Linians: Shield of Destiny

      In the Destiny Saga, “Shield of Destiny” is one of the five subsets of the Linkatsa Religion charged with a specific duty by Mystic Calm in ensuring that Chaos is eventually defeated. Shield of Destiny members are responsible for watching over and protecting the Destine Family bloodline throughout the ages.

    The Destine Family are a very important clan in the Destiny Saga. They ruled a kingdom in the B.C. era called Old France. In particular, the father/son duo of King Shard Destine and Prince Torell Destine are primary figures in the first novel. Mystic Calm was aware that the later generations of Destine would become instrumental in defeating Chaos and he had a select group of Linians watch over them.

    In Destiny: Book 1 The Two Princes, we meet a member of Shield of Destiny named Karen Weathers, an 18-year-old high school student, in 1995. She is the primary guardian of a Destine named Terrell Dest. They both grew up in the fictional town of Piersdale, NJ and went to school together. It was only a few days before their graduation that their true purpose in life was exposed in front of them…


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