The Modern Day Linians: The Illusion Guard

   The Illusion Guard are one of the 5 subsets of Linians that Mystic Calm created in the hopes of making sure every piece was in place to ensure Chaos’ defeat. The Illusion Guard were tasked with protecting two women who importance to the Saga was only known to Mystic Calm.

    And Chaos.

    The two women in question were Silva Terrana and Rachel Fairs. They both have no account of their individual families or histories. both were raised by Linians.

    And both of them are not who the Illusion Guard say they are. The destinies of the two women will cross in Piersdale, NJ in 1995.

    The theme of Identity and how that search shapes a person is examined in the story of these two important women of the Destiny Saga.

    At some point in the future, we will  find out who they really are…


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