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The Sun That Blazes

They tell me to run with it. My nose tells me to run with it. My dad always told me to never value anyone’s face until you’ve dug enough. I wasn’t too sure I wanted to become a journalist even though he lived his life for it. My memory was never the best; my childhood […]

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“Piersdale, NJ” Status

I think I’m going to use this template to give people some info on my novel. As usual, any input would be appreciated. Have a great week! -Rochard Scott

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Rachel Fairs

Rachel Louise Fairs was adopted by Jim Fairs, a newspaper owner of a newspaper located in Piersdale, NJ called “The Blazing Sun”. With no clue of who her real parents were/are, Rachel considered Jim Fairs to be her true parent. She has a recurring dream about being carried off  in a dark jungle by a man in a […]

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