What is The Linian Legacy?

In the universe of the Destiny Saga, the concept of the Linians are very important to the evolution of my story.

They are a group of people in the narrative that are there to help my three main characters realize what they were put in existence to do. They follow the teachings of a man called Linkera who was born on Earth near the beginning of time and have a system of beliefs based off of his two simple tenets:

1.Place love for your fellow sentient beings above everything. That rule includes non-humans as well (we’ll get to that non-human thing later).

2.To maintain healthy social order without influencing personal and greater social histories whatsoever.

Love and respect for personal liberty are their legacy and that theme is what I hope to get across with this project. I want to make money, no doubt about that, but I also want to have that kind of integrity along my creative journey.

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