My name is Rochard Scott and this is the official blogsite of a sci-fi/fantasy/action/adventure/romantic/spiritual/comedic universe (whew!) that I hope can be realized in various forms of media someday (novels, movies, video games, etc).

   This blog was designed to give visitors insight on the details, influences, and personal thoughts that have gone into creating this fictional world that I have been working on my whole life.

   Hopefully this blogsite will help spread the word about the Destiny Saga. If you’re instrumental in spreading the word to get people to visit this site, I thank you in advance.

   This is all non profit and is just a tool for getting ideas out there. Nothing more, nothing less. You will be a part of seeing how this venture will evolve in the coming days, months, and years. You’ll not only get an idea of my universe but you will also get an idea of the person who created it as well… 

   Thank you for visiting!

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