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“My Seduction Technique” by The Lost Child

I am misunderstood sometimes. My do gooder chump of an enemy, The Boy, calls me a corrupter of the human spirit. This hurts my feelings immensely. To imply that I corrupt people is to say that their spirits were clean in the first place… To sway the heart of the weak ones is not very […]

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“The Waking Dream” by The Boy

I am stuck between two worlds and I cannot possibly exist in one of them. I am a creature made of fiction, created by the mind of an artist and influenced by his life’s path. I am formless. I can be poetry; I can be prose. I can be analog or digital. I can be […]

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The Blog So Far…

   I decided to set up this short post to give you readers out there a sense of the storyline of  “The Destiny Saga” that I have leaked out in small bites so far (I can’t give it all away; I’d like to make a living…someday).  With that in mind, here are some of my […]

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