“My Seduction Technique” by The Lost Child

I am misunderstood sometimes. My do gooder chump of an enemy, The Boy, calls me a corrupter of the human spirit. This hurts my feelings immensely. To imply that I corrupt people is to say that their spirits were clean in the first place…

To sway the heart of the weak ones is not very hard at all. I’ll tell you how I do it (results may vary for for you kiddo, don’t try this at home :p):

1. You have to understand that selfishness and survival goes hand in hand for the human. If you put their livelihood in jeopardy, they will slit the throats of their own kind to endure. You would be shocked at how easy this is to achieve (or maybe this isn’t so shocking).

2. Humans absolutely love to bitch and moan about their lot in life. You can’t believe how many lives I’ve destroyed throughout the course of human history just by drowning a human being in eternal misery!

3. And last, but far from least, you can offer a human a simple and lazy solution that will keep them spinning on that metaphorical hamster wheel to keep them from achieving that harder but more substantial answer that will get them out whatever mess they are in now. The pain of the moment is more influential to the individual than the promise of tomorrow. And it can be exploited, believe me.

My douchy brat of an enemy, The Boy, thinks the human race can rise above all of this with the help of a clear perspective, but I’d rather drown the lot of them face down in worm infested mud. That dirtiness is my seduction technique and I don’t have to push anyone, I just tap them. 😉

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