The Giradians

   In the Secondary Realm of Giradia, lived the bestial (in human eyes) Giradians. They are a race of hunter/gatherer type warriors. The Giradian society seemed to resemble the hybrid architecture of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. They have a Royal Family that follows the Linkatsa Religion and are under advisement by Mystic Calm.

    In the three novels that I’m working on, the current monarchy is led by King Umbrage and his wife, Queen Incense. They have two sons, Prince Rampage and his brother, Sucessor Contemn. Although they aren’t as technologically advanced as the Fegarians or the Netral, the main exports of their realm are in agriculture and law enforcement ideology.

    They also are the only race in all of the Secondary Realms to have an ability called Adjoination. It is a process that allows them, after death, to be revived by a human being (who has to willingly) allow a Giradian to inhabit their body… until they die a second time. After that, the human carries on with the rest of their life. They consider this ability to be disrespectful towards Primary Beings, but a certain situation in the novels forces them to use it in desperation…

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