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Successor Contemn

One of the rulers of the Secondary Realm of Giradia alongside his brother, Rampage, and his mother and father, Queen Incense and King Umbrage. As the second in line to the throne of Giradia, behind Prince Rampage, he is in charge with watching over Giradia’s army and police force. Contemn is very serious about his royal duties and is annoyed by Rampage’s lack […]

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The Giradians

   In the Secondary Realm of Giradia, lived the bestial (in human eyes) Giradians. They are a race of hunter/gatherer type warriors. The Giradian society seemed to resemble the hybrid architecture of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. They have a Royal Family that follows the Linkatsa Religion and are under advisement by Mystic Calm.     In the three novels […]

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Prince Rampage and Successor Contemn: Giradian Brothers

Prince Rampage and his younger brother, Successor Contemn, are part of the Royal Family in the realm of Giradia. The Giradians are known to be a hunter-gathering type of warrior clan. Their culture seems to be a sophisticated mesh of Ancient Greek and Roman architecture. The Giradian Peoples’ uniquely defining trait is the ability to have a […]

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