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Baron Stealth

  The half-Fegarian, half-Giradian elite soldier of the Fegarian Army is the personal bodyguard to the Lord of Fegra and a member of The Baron Four. Baron Stealth’s real name is Raza Stellath, a name that is in tribute to both sides of his genetic origins. Being the only Fegarian/Giradian half breed in history, Stealth has to wear […]

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The Baron Four Banner

Baron Claw, Baroness Tigra, Baron Panthra, and Baron Stealth

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The Silent

The words that you hear now are from my mind. I have never spoken a word in my life. I need this mask to live because of my genetic mixture. My mother was a Giradian; My father was a Fegarian. Two species who could never produce a child. But I was the exception and my […]

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