Pangaea: The Alternate Version of Earth’s History in The Destiny Saga

  In the Destiny Saga’s version of Earth’s beginning , a supercontinent called Pangaea was the first landmass ever. All the continents as we know them now (North America, Africa,Asia, Antarctica,Europe,South America, and Australia) were once connected to each other before the battle between Linkera and Chaos tore them apart into smaller continents.

    On Pangaea, the people lived in blissful utopia. In effect they had: no wars, no governments, no murder, no hate, and no greed. There was no conflicts between the people (who were called Panayans) until outside forces corrupted their minds and filled the human race with the seeds of mistrust and selfishness.

   In the Destiny Saga’s universe, the history and culture of Pangaea were lost in time as the A.D. timeline comes into play and the Earth evolves into how we see it today.

   At least until 1995…which is where my story starts with Prince Rampage, Torell Destine, and Rachel Fairs.

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