Linkera: The First Linian

    When Chaos first came out of hiding to drive humanity insane, there was a group of “beings” called Terrawarriors who decided to stop the “Insane One” from his plan. But they didn’t have the ability to take him on.

   They discovered eventually that only humans could harm Chaos, so they created a man imbued with their superhuman strength named Linkera to defeat him. But like any human being, Linkera wanted to live his own life and he escaped from his creators. He started his own life in Pangaea and fell in love with a woman named Seraph.  She was daughter and sister to Mystic Calm and Mystic Carious respectively.

    One day Seraph came across Chaos and he tried to turn her insane. When she refused him, he destroyed her. When Linkera found out about what Chaos did, he returned to his creators and accepted his destiny to kill Chaos.

   Linkera was only able to make the Insane One lose his memory and the only way they could buy time until they could find someone who COULD kill him was to a  Secondary Realm until they could find that person (or persons).

   In the end, Linkera and the Mystics created the  Linkatsa Religion and recruited trustworthy humans (who would be called Linians) to make sure everything was in place for the ones who could one day defeat the recovering amnesiac.

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