Romance in The Destiny Saga









   Romantic Love seems to be the most easiest thing to feel (at least in the beginning) and yet it is possibly the hardest thing to maintain. Most of us desire it even though we eventually screw up the execution. But at this very time in human history (at least in America anyway) it SEEMS like we’re becoming less and less compatible with each other. Some of us can’t face our own baggage but we still try to take on another person’s issues.

    For me, I’m still waiting to have a LONG term relationship and that’s probably why The Destiny Saga is littered with romantic relationships all over the place. Some of them are subtly healthy (like Melissa Davis and Dylan Kim). Some are filled with pain and heartache (The Sadistic Harlequins). You have your missed opportunities (Karen Weathers and Terrell Dest) and unlimited potentials (Rachel Fairs and Carlos Morales).     And then you have the two pictured above, Silva Terrana and Prince Rampage.

    He is the prince of a far away realm. She is a person who has no sense of her history or family. They met as children and grew into lovers throughout the years. They were to be wed but they became separated on their wedding day. His search for her and the measures he take to get her back drives a lot of the story. His primary theme is: If you had the ability to get a loved one back at the expense of other people’s lives, knowing that person is your only way of ever being happy, is it worth it to be selfish?

     As obsessed as I am with what true love actually is, I hope that you will be able to compare and contrast all the different scenarios in the Destiny Saga and come up with your own conclusions.

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