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Born: October 1st, 1977

One part: Daughter. Raised on a diet of devotion and clarity. One part: Female. Made of fear & vitality One part: Black. Created from desolate resolution. One part: Warrior. Trained to live for protection All parts: Linian. A protector that lives in shadows to protect mankind from Chaos’s design. No parts: Delusion. Nothing from pure, […]

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Linian Lessons #3: Mystics

This will be a real quick lesson for the day …so listen closely. The founding father of our Linkatsa Religion, Linkera, married a woman named Seraph a long time ago. She had a father named Calm and a brother named Carious. It was not completely understood by all parties involved, but through their marriage, everyone […]

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Linian Lessons #2: Linkera

If you want to understand  my “religion” of Linkatsa, you have to know the man named Linkera. Here is a brief excerpt from The Book of Events: Linkera was a man created by the Terra Warriors (angels and demons that lived on Earth) to battle their enemy, Chaos. [Linkera] has the brute force of a demon, and the focus […]

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