Linian Lessons #3: Mystics

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This will be a real quick lesson for the day

…so listen closely.

The founding father of our Linkatsa Religion,

Linkera, married a woman named Seraph

a long time ago.

She had a father named Calm and a brother named Carious.

It was not completely understood by all parties involved,

but through their marriage, everyone in Seraph’s

bloodline received mystical powers.

At some point later on, Calm and Carious started to call

themselves Mystics.

Their powers came from humanity’s

collective spirit and their powers were

near infinite.

But someone or some people from behind the scenes

(or the spiritual plains?)

limited the Mystics powers

for either their own purposes

or just to make sure that the Mystics

could not dominate existence on a whim.

Mystic Calm considered both his son and himself

to be “gatekeepers of existence.”

He felt they were meant to only to keep the

“plot of life” from being derailed.

-Karen Weathers

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