The “Public Enemy” Influence

A disclaimer: I don’t really care what Flavor Flav does with his life. What I do care about is the meaning of the music. I don’t worship artists; I worship art.

Humanity is one of the major themes of The Destiny Saga and it is a personal belief of mine that there is only one race: the human race. Not the most original thought, but I never said I was original. 🙂

Unfortunately, our sad human history shows us that we’re not sophisticated enough as species to realize a person is a person. I would rather be seen as a Man, but most of the world will only see a Black Man. And  I have to walk through life aware of that distorted truth. It’s a perspective on life that HAD to be inserted into The Destiny Saga.

Public Enemy is my favorite rap group of all time and Chuck D is my favorite rapper of ALL time. I understand art to be a force for emotional awareness and, very rarely, causes permanent change in society. But Chuck taught me that saying something of substance is better than saying nothing at all. I believe it is not our job as fellow human beings to preach to each other, but to teach love to each other.

The situation between the Primary Beings and Secondary Beings in my novels should be pretty apparent in what they metaphorically represent to our reality. I don’t intend to brow beat (you should be entertained, people) but I do intend to express the truth of harmony.

That’s my goal and I’m sticking to it.

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