The “The Go! Team” Influence

   When I wrote the first screenplay for The Destiny Saga at the tender age of 19, I wanted to be a “serious” artist. I still do,but I realized throughout the years that a great dramatic story has to have a heart guiding the storytelling. With that in mind,I disciplined myself to do was to keep a healthy sense of pure positive energy.

   What I didn’t know was that I would discover a band that is the definitive representation of that energy…

    I always believed that there was an art to making loud, boisterous music and The Go! Team to me is like bliss on tap. With all the death, destruction, and disappointment that is spread throughout The Destiny Saga, there has to be a degree of hope that is lurking beneath the tragedy. Whether or not that hope is realized, at least the reader can see it as a possible outcome.

    It’s a hope of mine that The Destiny Saga can be seen not just as a story for entertainment (the number one priority), but it would be great if the characters and scenarios would give the reader the same level of excitement that The Go! Team gives me…

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