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The Fates of Destiny on “The Concept of Love”

For the uninitiated, the “Fates” of Destiny are the positive and negative forces that influence the events of the The Destiny Saga from behind the scenes. They are also the co-authors of The Book of Events. Here are a few of their thoughts: The Boy on “Love” I never know where anything comes from. I don’t know […]

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“Politics” by Karen Weathers

I spent most of the last two weeks watching the conventions for both the Republicans and the Democrats and it got me to thinking a lot of things. Don’t worry that I’m about to go on some government flavored political rant. I take no sides when it comes to that stuff. What I do want […]

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Karen’s Thoughts #12: Recovery

No matter how many times you think you learn, life has a way of beating your soul down. You promise yourself that you won’t let it happen again, but disappointment and disillusionment seep throughout your spirit. I want to give up a lot more these days, but I have a responsibility to myself. I have […]

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