Secondary Realms Category

The Fegarians

   The Fegarians are a very militaristic and rules oriented people. they reside in the Secondary Realm of Fegra and the geography of that world resembles a post World War III Euro-flavored mixture combined with a healthy amount of Romantic Europe. Together with the fact that they are the second most technologically advanced civilization in the Destiny […]

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The Giradians

   In the Secondary Realm of Giradia, lived the bestial (in human eyes) Giradians. They are a race of hunter/gatherer type warriors. The Giradian society seemed to resemble the hybrid architecture of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. They have a Royal Family that follows the Linkatsa Religion and are under advisement by Mystic Calm.     In the three novels […]

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The Primary Realm vs. The Secondary Realms

   In the Destiny Saga, the Solar System was not the first realm ever created. There were many other places that God created before (he/she/it?) decided on making Earth that place where he made the people who populated it look like how (he/she/it?) looked. This is to be considered the Primary Realm (or to those […]

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