What is The Destiny Saga?

   I thought I should explain a little bit of what the Destiny Saga is all about. There are many characters and many side stories, but just to give you ladies and gentlemen a taste of the main plot, it goes a little something like this:

   “A long time ago ( a little after the beginning of time…at least in the solar system) a “man” named Chaos was born on Earth and tried to drive mankind insane and, if he couldn’t achieve that, he would destroy all existence.

   The forces that feared him created a superhuman being named Linkera to stop Chaos but he was only able to make the Insane One lose his memory. Linkera and his creators sent Chaos away from Earth until they could figure out how to destroy him.

   Flashforward millions of years later to 1995 and circumstances beyond their control bring our three main characters together, because they are the only ones who are able to stop Chaos for good.

   But they have to face their individual pasts and futures if they are to defeat him…”

   There is  far more detail and depth to this saga  (it is an epic, after all), but I felt that I should give you guys a little taste for the road ahead…

   (Besides…who wants to read a story that you can explain in two sentences?)

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