The “Megadeth” Influence

   And now we come to the heavy metal part of The Destiny Saga’s influences. And I guess this is the part where some of you will go, “Really, Rochard? Heavy metal, Brother? Umm….o…kay.” I guess all I have to say for myself is that I never met a musical genre I didn’t like (even country music…although I fronted on it for years).

   Getting to the point why I admire this band Megadeth is because of the sheer ferocity and speed of their riffs and the so-imperfect-it’s-perfect snarly vocals of Dave Mustaine. I consider their hardest songs to be the soundtrack to my main antagonist, Chaos (not in meaning but in energy).

   Like some of my other influences, M.I.A. and Public Enemy, Megadeth has a sense of forward momentum that drives their songs. In my initial trilogy of The Destiny Saga, that is what I am hoping maintains throughout the storytelling: a sense of laser precise purpose.

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