“2012” by The Boy

“They” say the Mayans predict that this year was the end of the world. But, as with everything else in existence, “they” read the prophecy wrong.

“They” assumed the prophecy was talking about the physical world but what the Mayans were really talking about was our individual spiritual worlds.

Each of us are a world unto ourselves, clashing and colliding with each others’ orbits. Some worlds die faster than others, while some worlds go peacefully into the twilight.

But within those individual worlds, there are many rebirths that the Mayans read as “endings” of worlds. This is absolutely true. Our separate worlds are up for destruction by our perceptions and projections.

A dying world can easily become fertile, it is up to you, the “ruler” of your world to evolve through “death” and “destruction”…

I could be reading the Mayan prophecy wrong as well.

But I can live with that.

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