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In 2017, there are a few choices an artist has to make. Some of those choices require a safety net. Some of those choices do not. I am a storyteller…I love to build worlds with my creative spirit. But there’s not enough time to get all of it out of me… I am writing a […]

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The Good , The Blue, and The Ugly

It’s been awhile since I posted on this blog site. I’ve been reorganizing my plans on how to market “The Destiny Saga: Children of Chaos.” There will be more on that soon but I just wanted to leave you guys with this new image of the two characters I play and a picture of myself in between […]

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The Fates of Destiny on “The Concept of Love”

For the uninitiated, the “Fates” of Destiny are the positive and negative forces that influence the events of the The Destiny Saga from behind the scenes. They are also the co-authors of The Book of Events. Here are a few of their thoughts: The Boy on “Love” I never know where anything comes from. I don’t know […]

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