Serial Writer

In 2017, there are a few choices an artist has to make.

Some of those choices require a safety net.

Some of those choices do not.

I am a storyteller…I love to build worlds with my creative spirit.

But there’s not enough time to get all of it out of me…

I am writing a book about the woman that was most important to me,

but I also want to write about the next generation.

I’ve decided that, from day to day & week to week, I will write about the youth.

Until the day it fully becomes a novel, I will share with you a serial.

Like Scheherazade told stories to save her life using cliffhangers,

I will do the same with you until the full story of “The 14” is told.

I hope many of you follow me on this journey.

-Rochard Scott


115 The Fates Shadows

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