Karen’s Journal 3/15/17

I miss the 90’s with a vengeance. I look around these days and just see separation anxiety in almost every person I’ve come across. It’s a separation from stability. I want to give people hopeful platitudes but I can see the “shut the hell up” in there eyes when I even come close to saying something hopeful.

My people, the Linians, would always say about the rest of humanity that they were each others salvation but were too afraid of upsetting the status quo. I know we Linians were in the background of humanity making sure that our enemy Chaos wouldn’t get his insane hands on the human race…but we couldn’t help but feel sorry for the lack of equilibrium humanity had.

I’m not a fan of politics, religion (crazy considering I’m a Christian), nationalism or any other “ism” that gets in the way of humanism. I know I’m rambling on but I can’t help but want something better for us all…and I’ll continue to fight for that.I Miss The 90's

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