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Karen’s Journal 8/1/2017

I know that this isn’t the most original thought in the world: the digital age is a gift and a curse. I could go through the same old things everyone says about the “information superhighway.”* That it can cause detachment. That people are losing social skills. That people are devouring useless information. I’m not really […]

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Karen’s Journal: 7/30/2017

What’s up, my people! It’s been awhile since I wrote a journal entry, but 2017 is forcing me to get off my ass.  With Rochard struggling to get that book about my life written and me just looking at the state of the world with masterful eye-rolls, I figured one of us had to get […]

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Karen’s Journal 3/15/17

I miss the 90’s with a vengeance. I look around these days and just see separation anxiety in almost every person I’ve come across. It’s a separation from stability. I want to give people hopeful platitudes but I can see the “shut the hell up” in there eyes when I even come close to saying […]

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