Karen’s Journal: 7/30/2017

What’s up, my people! It’s been awhile since I wrote a journal entry, but 2017 is forcing me to get off my ass.  With Rochard struggling to get that book about my life written and me just looking at the state of the world with masterful eye-rolls, I figured one of us had to get the creative ball rolling again.

As usual humanity refuses to put compassion in the rear view while bring up these limited ass ideologies. Don’t worry, I’m not here to sway your opinion on anything. I’m just wondering when we’ll get over ourselves.

At least with my people, the Linians, while we had our disagreements on how to protect the Earth, we never lost sight that he had to protect the Earth.

I guess humanity keeps proving Chaos right. (I really hated typing THAT sentence.)

I’m gonna try to be more consistent with these journal entries and kick Rochard in the ass to get that book done. Because Lord knows we want to entertain AND celebrate humanity.

The good and the bad.

Till next time,

Karen Angela Weathers


Nuance Your Alliance

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