Karen’s Journal 8/1/2017

The Write Stuff

I know that this isn’t the most original thought in the world: the digital age is a gift and a curse. I could go through the same old things everyone says about the “information superhighway.”*

That it can cause detachment.

That people are losing social skills.

That people are devouring useless information.

I’m not really interested in talking about those…I’m more concerned about how it gets in the way of creativity. I get nervous that the internet can get in the way of my critical thinking. That it can take ideas that I could reach on my own and make it seem like I came to those conclusions myself.

I get scared that I can lose who I am to the internet.

But the answer that I came to was that I HAVE TO spend more time being creative than giving my precious time to the internet.

It’s a powerful tool…but my creativity should be more powerful.


-Karen Angela Weathers


*Using that phrase REALLY shows my age.

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